Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for Vogue Korea

For her Vogue Korea’s interview, Chiamamanda Ngozi Adichie was asked what she thought of fashion. Here’s the extract: 

“For me fashion is joyous and joyful… and it’s really about me wearing what I like… I’m not interested in what it’s supposed to be fashionable or trend… if I like it, I wear it. And for me, as well, fashion is a way of sort of putting on the armour with which I face the world. When I’m well-dressed in general, when I like what I’m wearing I just generally feel better and more confident and more willing to go out into the world and do my work”.  

We are accustomed to think about fashion as an experimentation, as if we were some kind of physicist making potions in order to find out the perfect recipe. 

Our daily newsletter shows pictures of the perfect look for fall or combat boots we should wear this coming season to be on top of some hypothetical fashion must if we want to be considered trendy. This tricky way to approach fashion plays with our insecurities and makes us think that we will feel better if we stick to some sort of fashion rules. Needless to say that rules are never easy to follow, and highly expensive when it comes to fashion. 

Probably the only right approach is Adichie’s: feeling good and confident in the clothes she wears. Clothes may even work as an armour, the armour subjected to the judgement of those people who presumptuously think exactly who you are because of the clothes you wear. However, this should not bother us; instead, we should all start focusing on how we feel when we select clothes, better than pouring our efforts into thinking how we will be perceived by the people around us. 


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