Logomania: misleading style

Raise the hand who has never craved for a white t-shirt with the brand logo printed on it! 

via Farfetch

Starting from the 80s and then moving on to the 90s, brand names appearing on clothes became a sort of obsession. A logo meant a lot more than one could expect: it came to represent the person’s status in society. 

Picture by Steve Kraitt

The image by Steve Kraitt of a pill with the Prada logo, ironically stands for an addiction to fashion brands. 

It is psychologically tempting having a logo on clothes because of the power a brand exercises over people. The higher a brand is ranked on the market, the more one will want to buy from that brand. Basically anything from that brand will suffice, even a lipstick or a nail polish will help achieve the same sense of emotional fulfilment. This intrinsic satisfaction is the result of an impactful branding strategy which projects the perfect spirit of a brand one will definitely aspire to. Moreover, buying a designer piece may make us feel as if we belonged to the very same group of people who can afford to purchase from that brand on a regular basis. 

Therefore, logomania is misleading in terms of one’s style, because fashionable is not defined by the numbers of brand logo one’s showing off. Instead, this would much more be the image of branding in society. 

Balenciaga Runway Show SS19
Gucci Runway Show SS20

Why not selecting clothes without any evidence of a brand logo? 


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