Song of no voices

Song of no voices

I am wearing your efforts:
a black slim-fit tailored blazer
Black as your prospects,
artificial as your dreams.

Sewn and stitched by hand

Made by you.
Made in China.

Made by people
with no voice.

A hundred hands,
sewing, sweating, breathing
the sick air filled with chemicals
that make you cough
under a hot sun
that makes you sweat and faint.

In a day of work
long, exhausting, frustrating
you produce synthetic fibres.
Polyester, rayon, elastane.
Products of no nature,
but human nature.

In a land of no people,
but machines.

Now I know your story
you are not a ghost
you are not a shadow
you are a person
who needs respect
who needs recognition
who needs support.

We can ask for help
Watch your label,
Ask the people:
Who made my clothes?

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