Time Capsule Exhibition: a glimpse into Louis Vuitton’s legacy

In Milan, close to Duomo and for a whole month (20.09 – 20.10) Louis Vuitton opens the doors to the maison’s most emblematic and loved creations. 

From 1854, when Louis Vuitton founded the maison and opened his first store in Paris, to today, the house has always been faithful to its legacy and its core message: the art of journey.

Bags of various sizes, iconic trunks meant to protect what was stored inside despite being themselves as precious. These are the artworks made with high-quality leather, signature elements such as the LV pattern and locks, where craftsmanship and know-how make each one of them invaluable. Every piece is the thoughtful and advanced solution to a necessity when it comes to travelling.

Although needs have changed and customs may as well, Louis Vuitton has always excelled in renovating the past by always keeping it in mind to produce impacting and equally successful pieces.

Iconic bags have been reinvented with new materials and designs yet maintaining the same shape. This attitude leads us back to the very essence of fashion; creating something new while always taking inspiration from the past. 



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